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Andrew Morrill is a self-taught wilderness photographer. He devotes the majority of his creative energy to the southwest landscapes. The terrain varies wildly from the north down to the south, and never leaves Andrew disappointed. Born in Utah, Andrew has lived and traveled all over the mountain west, exposing him to the regenerating aspects of that region.


Andrew's passion for photography comes from the spiritual solace and peace he has experienced in nature. Having endured a difficult youth, Andrew has only felt truly at home when alone in nature. Photography has become Andrew's vehicle for understanding the spirituality in nature, and sharing it with others.


I seek images that will evoke an emotional response in the viewer and carry a deeper meaning than simply what's on paper. The goal is to find unique compositions and views that convey my own artistic voice while keeping the finished product in mind. Before I expose an image, I first try to understand the essence of the location I'm shooting, and then work to express that essence in every composition. A place is beautiful for reasons we do not always comprehend, and we sometimes take its elements out of context, lessening their power. Capturing an excellent image requires preparation and patience, but also the spontaneity and willingness to follow the light. When everything falls into place, powerful images can result.

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